A guide to how we work and what to expect from us

Our relationship & reputation with the people we work with is of paramount importance to us. We approach each individual with two things in mind:

  • Trust – 90% of the people we work with we’ve either placed previously, or have been personally recommended to us by others. This is a result of the level of trust we build with our candidates.
  • Consultation – we often consult with someone for several months to ensure they are moving into the right role.

We understand that 75% of the people we work with are not actively looking for a new role when they have their initial consultation with us. However, when you are comfortable our focus as your consultant is to enhance your career with the right move. Be that today or next year we aim to understand what is truly important to you first, and only when a suitable opportunity becomes available will we then aim to give you the best chance of securing it.

Our Process

Introduction to Thor

Consultation & market advice

Job match

Interview preparation

Salary negotiation

Resignation management


We aim to make finding your ideal position an achievable goal and we work with you every step of the way to maximise each opportunity.

  • CV review – unsure if your CV is maximising your potential?
  • Salary/day rate alignment – we ensure you have a good understanding of the current market averages
  • Interview preparation – do you know how to best represent yourself and what the person interviewing you really wants to know?
  • Salary/day rate negotiation – let us ensure you salary reflects your worth to your new employer
  • Resignation management – no one enjoys it, we aim to make it easier
  • Post placement care – our contract consultants understand their jobs have only just begun once a contractor is onsite. With around the clock support available, help and advice will be on hand at all times.